Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Review: Scentsy Fragrance Foam vs. Another Leading Foam

I got a brilliant idea today while I was on my lunch break! I decided to do a comparison between Scentsy's new Fragrance Foam and another leading brand's foaming hand sanitizer. In both pictures, I pumped two full pumps onto my hand. I think the pictures speak for themselves!

*click on pictures to enlarge*

1.7 fl oz Foam vs. Scentsy's 2.7 fl oz Fragrance Foam

First, I did two pumps of the other brand's foam. Being used to Scenty's alcohol- & triclosan-free foam now, the smell of the alcohol in this brand almost knocked me over! My hands felt so dry afterwards, I think a generic grocery store brand would be more moisturizing than this brand!

Secondly, I pumped 2 pumps of Scentsy's Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Foam. Notice how this foam is rich and thick, almost mousse-like. Very moisturizing! And- no smells other than the desired scent!

Cheer the Vols on with Scentsy's Game Day Warmer

My alma mater, the University of Tennessee VOLS in Knoxville, TN won their game this Saturday 32-29 against the University of Alabama (UAB)!!

If you are a football fan, check out Scentsy's Game Day full-size warmer at!

The playful motifs in the Sports Collection will appeal to sports lovers everywhere. A basketball, football and soccer ball are accurately represented with true-to-life texture, embossing and debossing.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Scentsy Scent Spotlight: White Sands

Scentsy White Sands bar

White Sands is a new Scentsy scent that debuted in the Fall/Winter 2010 catalog. I think anyone who is nostalgic for the now-discontinued Sugar scent would like this one too!

White sands, described as night-blooming jasmine softened by coconut milk and rice, enveloped in the gentlest breeze, is available in bars, bricks, room spray and scent circles!
To order now, visit!

Scentsy White Sands barScentsy White Sands BrickScentsy White Sands Room SprayScentsy White Sands Scent Circle

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Monday, September 20, 2010

What Type of Wax Does Scentsy Use? The Soy vs. Paraffin "Debate"

safe candles and scents by scentsy

Often times people are curious about what type of wax Scentsy bars and bricks are made out of. The trend nowadays is for people to look more favorably upon soy wax because of the impression that they are "healthier" or "greener." Many of these people don't realize that the soy used in these candles are GMO (genetically modified organism) soy products and are not produced from organic soy. When these candles are burned, soy (and the pesticides used during growing) is dispersed in the air and could be a health risk for those allergic or sensitive to soy and other foods related to soy.

Orville Thompson, Scentsy's co-owner, said it best in a memo he wrote entitled "What wax do we use?"
"Many customers have asked abut the wax we use and why. Here is the scoop. We use food-grade petroleum based wax [like the wax that is applied to fruit that is sold in the grocery store]. We chose this wax because of it's superior scent loading ability, melting point and firmness. We looked into a vegetable based wax but we couldn't get a quality candle bar.
The issue of vegetable vs. petroleum waxes is raised primarily by vegetable wax candle makers because of the health risk with "burning" petroleum waxes. Most of the scientific research I have read (as opposed to sale literature) suggests that there are health risks with burning candles of any type of wax. Switching to vegetable-based waxes does not seem to reduce the heath risks as much as the veggie wax people would like us to believe. The Scentsy solution is simply not to "burn" the wax. The wax is not "burned" and therefore is not released into the air to pollute our lungs, walls and furniture.
The issue of the type of wax we use is a non-issue, with regard to the chemicals releasing while burning, because we only warm the scent out of the wax- the wax remains in the warmer. If customers have a question about what kind of wax we use, I always ask them why they ask. This is because any answer other than "soy", or "vegetable" will put off anyone predisposed to using only vegetable wax, even if the logic explained later is sound. To put it simply, I would rather have a petroleum wax in a warmer than a soy wax dispersed into the air of my home. Let wicked candle maker fight over relative safety. With Scentsy we practice "safer scents"- we abstain from wicks!

Have a Scentsy day,
Orville Thompson
safe candles and scents by scentsySafe Scents and Candles by Scentsy

images from


I gave some "natural" soy wax a try myself! See my experience here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scentsy Companion System- Zebra Plugin & Full-Size Warmer

In the new Fall/Winter catalog, Scentsy added several new matching plugins and full-size warmers to the line-up. One way to purchase a matching system is by taking advantage of the Companion System. With the
Companion System, you can choose one full-size warmer, one plugin warmer and 3 Scentsy bars for $10 cheaper than if you were to buy them separately! The Scentsy Companion System is available now at!

Here is one example of a matching set:

Full-Size Zebra Scentsy Warmer

Zebra adds Serengeti style to any room in your home. When you can't go on an African safari, bring an African safari to you!

Full-Size Zebra Scentsy Warmer

Zebra Scentsy Plugin

Chic and classic, this high-gloss black-and-white design adds a touch of global d├ęcor to any space.

Zebra Scentsy Plug-in Warmer

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scentsy Scent Spotlight: Toasted Caramel Sugar

Toasted Caramel Sugar Scentsy Bar
Need a great Scentsy scent to pair up with your Scentsy Halloween warmer or plugin? Try Toasted Caramel Sugar!

Described as warm milk with caramelized sugar and toffee, swirled with the scent of sweet vanilla musk, Toasted Caramel Sugar is available in bars, bricks, scent circles, rooms spray and travel tins!

Toasted Caramel Sugar Scentsy Room SprayToasted Caramel Sugar Scentsy BrickToasted Caramel Sugar Scentsy Scent CircleToasted Caramel Sugar Scentsy Travel Tin

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scentsy Companion System- Halloween Style!

Thinking about getting a Halloween warmer and a Halloween plugin to match? Make sure to take advantage of Scentsy's Companion System. With the Companion System, you can choose one full-size warmer, one plugin warmer and 3 Scentsy bars for $10 cheaper than if you were to buy them separately! The Companion System is always available, and Scentsy Halloween warmers are available beginning on 9/15/2010 at!

Scentsy Jack O' Lantern Warmer Styled Halloween HolidayScentsy Fright Night Halloween Holiday Warmer

Scentsy Jack O' Lantern Plugin Plug-In Holiday Halloween Warmer Scentsy Jack O' Lantern Halloween Holiday Warmer

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Scentsy Holiday Warmers Will Be Available 9/15/2010!

*click pictures to enlarge*
Scentsy Holiday Warmers

Scentsy Holiday Warmers

The following Holiday Scentsy Warmers go live on 9/15/2010 at!

Full-Size Warmers:

  • Jack O' Lantern
  • Fright Night
  • Plymouth
  • Gingerbread
  • Menorah
  • Silent Night
  • Heavenly
  • Snowflake Red
  • Snowday
  • Tannenbaum
Plug-In Warmers:

  • Jack O' Lantern
  • Heavenly
  • Snowflake Red
  • Snowday
DIY Packs:

  • Frosty
  • Trim the Tree
And don't forget to try these new Fall/Winter fragrances:
Scentsy's Fall & Winter fragrances will fill your home, office, or car with the warm and cozy scents of brisk autumn breezes and festive holidays.

  • Berry Tart- A medley of sweet berries nestled in buttery pastry, topped with caramel.
  • Central Park Pralines- A decadent confection of rich roasted pecans, buttery caramel, and cinnamon sugar.
  • Christmas Cottage- A cozy, inviting blend of Valencia oranges, raspberries, cloves, and spices.
  • Eskimo Kiss- Blackberry jam, caramelized brown sugar, vanilla, and amber in a softly romantic scent.
  • Gingersnap- Ginger and spice with butter and vanilla, just like the classic cookie.
  • Hazenut Latte- Frothy steamed milk, toasted hazelnuts, espresso, and vanilla with a dusting of cinnamon.
  • My Dear Watson- Refreshing bergamot contrasted with mint, cedar, and suede. Sophisticated and smart.
  • Radiance- Soothing, cool water and sensual white musk with a blast of electrifying lime.
  • Sentimental Cider- Rich, musky apple cider infused with heady allspice and star anise.
  • Silhouette- Heliotrope and orange blossoms with whispers of lavender and patchouli. A modern classic.
  • White Sands- Night-blooming jasmine softened by coconut milk and rice, enveloped in the gentlest breeze.
  • You Go, Girl!- A lighthearted, girlish fragrance of apples, berries, muguet, and linden blossoms.
  • Cozy Fireside- Warm spice notes with zesty ginger and cinnamon.
  • Poinsettia Pine- Sparkling pomegranate and tangerine layered wth evergreens, amber and spice.
  • Snowberry- Luscious blend of loganberry, strawberry, peppermint and zesty cinnamon.
  • Spiced Grapefruit- Mandarin and bergamot citrus perfectly balanced with spicy coriander, nutmeg and allspice.
  • Winter Wonderland- Exhilarating blast of a frosty mint breeze.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scentsy Fragrance Foam- Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer!

Scentsy Fragrance Foam Hand Sanitizer

Scentsy Fragrance Foam is an emollient-rich, lusciously scented, and alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer. Fragrance Foam kills germs without drying hands and is available in five fragrances at

  • Scentsy Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Foam- Delicious, sun-sweetened dark berries warmed with vanilla.
  • Scentsy Coconut Lemongrass Fragrance Foam- Creamy, tropical coconut and sunny, bright lemongrass.
  • Scentsy Cucumber Lime Fragrance Foam- Cool, refreshing blend of mellow cucumber and tangy lime.
  • Scentsy Havana Cabana Fragrance Foam- Luscious medley of pineapples, oranges, bananas and berries.
  • Scentsy Lucky in Love Fragrance Foam- Sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange with hints of peaches and berries. If you like Victoria's Secret's 'Love Spell' fragrance, you'll LOVE Scentsy's 'Lucky in Love' scent!
TIP: For best results be sure to rub the fragrance foam completely in, similar to rubbing in hand lotion. You will be amazed at how soft your hands are!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scentsy Military Warmers- The Patriot Collection

Each full-size warmer being designed cooperatively with the coordinating military branch, Scentsy has four military warmers as part of the new Patriot Collection!

Four designs are currently available now at

  • Scentsy Army Warmer- High-gloss camouflage background and an embossed black-and-white design with yellow accents.
  • Scentsy Navy Warmer- High-gloss dark blue background with embossed seal.
  • Scentsy Air Force Warmer- High-gloss royal blue background with embossed silver design.
  • Scentsy Marines Warmer- High-gloss navy blue background with embossed silver-and-gold design.
*click picture to enlarge*
Buy Scentsy Military Warmers Patriot Collection

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Scentsy Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Warmer

Scentsy Breast Cancer Warmer

Every 6 months, Scentsy releases a new limited-edition charity warmer. A hundred percent of the net profits of all sales of these warmers are donated to the charity or cause. The previous Scentsy charity warmer, the Sunshine Kids Warmer, raised over $100,000 for children with cancer!

The new charity warmer for the Scentsy Fall/Winter 2010 catalog is the Love, Live, Hope Scentsy Warmer.

Created to honor women with breast cancer Love, Life, Hope’s simple pink-and-white stripes and black accents spread a message of hope and support to breast cancer survivors and their families.

One hundred percent of the net profits from the sale of Love, Life, Hope will go directly to The National Breast Cancer Foundation to support their breast cancer awareness and education programs.

To add Love, Live, Hope to your Scentsy warmer collection, visit now!

Scentsy Breast Cancer Warmer

To learn more about Scentsy's Cause Warmers and Scentsy's Family Foundation please visit

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scentsy Travel Tins

With the new Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog, several more fragrances were added to the Scentsy Travel Tin line-up.

Now available in 25 scents including Leather, Clean Breeze and Skinny Dippin', Travel Tins are great for gym bags, cars, lockers, closets or anywhere else that you want to enjoy Scentsy!

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