Monday, September 20, 2010

What Type of Wax Does Scentsy Use? The Soy vs. Paraffin "Debate"

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Often times people are curious about what type of wax Scentsy bars and bricks are made out of. The trend nowadays is for people to look more favorably upon soy wax because of the impression that they are "healthier" or "greener." Many of these people don't realize that the soy used in these candles are GMO (genetically modified organism) soy products and are not produced from organic soy. When these candles are burned, soy (and the pesticides used during growing) is dispersed in the air and could be a health risk for those allergic or sensitive to soy and other foods related to soy.

Orville Thompson, Scentsy's co-owner, said it best in a memo he wrote entitled "What wax do we use?"
"Many customers have asked abut the wax we use and why. Here is the scoop. We use food-grade petroleum based wax [like the wax that is applied to fruit that is sold in the grocery store]. We chose this wax because of it's superior scent loading ability, melting point and firmness. We looked into a vegetable based wax but we couldn't get a quality candle bar.
The issue of vegetable vs. petroleum waxes is raised primarily by vegetable wax candle makers because of the health risk with "burning" petroleum waxes. Most of the scientific research I have read (as opposed to sale literature) suggests that there are health risks with burning candles of any type of wax. Switching to vegetable-based waxes does not seem to reduce the heath risks as much as the veggie wax people would like us to believe. The Scentsy solution is simply not to "burn" the wax. The wax is not "burned" and therefore is not released into the air to pollute our lungs, walls and furniture.
The issue of the type of wax we use is a non-issue, with regard to the chemicals releasing while burning, because we only warm the scent out of the wax- the wax remains in the warmer. If customers have a question about what kind of wax we use, I always ask them why they ask. This is because any answer other than "soy", or "vegetable" will put off anyone predisposed to using only vegetable wax, even if the logic explained later is sound. To put it simply, I would rather have a petroleum wax in a warmer than a soy wax dispersed into the air of my home. Let wicked candle maker fight over relative safety. With Scentsy we practice "safer scents"- we abstain from wicks!

Have a Scentsy day,
Orville Thompson
safe candles and scents by scentsySafe Scents and Candles by Scentsy

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I gave some "natural" soy wax a try myself! See my experience here.


  1. The same by product is released with or w/o a wick what a sales hype

  2. Anonymous- yes the scent is released, however NOT the wax. Sorry, not a "sales hype"...just the truth :) Thanks for the comment!


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