Saturday, October 2, 2010

Does Scentsy Ship to APO/FPOs?

YES!!! Scentsy DOES ship to many APOs and FPOs! Read below for more information:

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Q: What is an APO/FPO address?
A: U.S. Military personnel stationed at an installation located within a foreign country are allowed to receive their mail, at a subsidized rate, through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS processes this mail and supplies it to the Military Postal System (MPS) for final delivery to the military service member’s Air/Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) address.
Q: Are there any special restrictions I need to be aware of when shipping to an APO/FPO address?
A: Yes, products shipped to an APO/FPO address cannot be resold. This is one of the stipulations written into U.S. law for the handling of military mail. For example, as a Scentsy Independent Consultant, you cannot have “cash and carry” product shipped to you that will be sold at a party, fair, or show. The improper use of the Military Postal System (MPS) defrauds tax payers, is financially prohibitive, and could result in the loss of MPS privileges to all service members within a country. Each Scentsy Independent Consultant is responsible for learning and complying with applicable MPS restrictions.
Q: Can I use an APO/FPO address as the default party shipping address? What about individual direct-ship orders within a party order?
A: To meet the military’s requirements, Scentsy has disabled your ability to enter an APO/FPO address as the default party shipping address. The Workstation will still require a default shipping address which must be a domestic U.S. address. However, Consultants may direct ship each customer’s individual order to an APO/FPO address within a party without restriction.
Q: Can I have Host Rewards sent to an APO/FPO address?
A: Yes, Host Rewards can be sent as a direct-ship individual order to your party Host, but the APO/FPO address cannot be used as the default party address, nor can you have the Host Rewards shipped to you for distribution to the Host. Shipping charges will be calculated based on the regular retail price of the reward items. If you wish to ship the Host Rewards to an APO/FPO address, you must select the direct-ship option and change the address to the APO/FPO address when entering your Host Rewards.
Q: Why is Scentsy now allowing shipments to APO/FPO addresses even though you didn’t do so prior to September 1, 2010?
A: Our system enhancements allowed us to add this as a feature, where we were unable to do it before. We’ve always felt it is critical to do all we can to help our Consultants grow their businesses by making them available to as many customers as possible, including customers located at overseas military installations.
Q: How can I determine which APO/FPO addresses are allowed for shipment?
A: Scentsy has an approved list of ship-to APO/FPO zip codes listed below. This list reflects all approved APO/FPO zip codes. In addition, the list reflects by zip code the corresponding host country of the serviced U.S. Military installation.
Q: The APO/FPO zip code I’m looking for is not on Scentsy’s designated list. Why not? How were the designated zip codes chosen?
A: Scentsy would love to be able to offer our products for delivery to more, or even all, APO/FPO zip codes. However, we must ensure a satisfactory customer experience on the receiving end. Our selection process considered the geography and climate of each location as well as the transportation logistics involved in each country. At no time did we consider the politics of the host country in our selections.
Q: What order types are allowed with an APO/FPO address?
A: Busines Supply orders, individual direct-ship orders, direct-ship guest orders within a party, and enrollment Starter Kit orders.

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