Sunday, December 23, 2012

University of Tennessee Vols Scentsy Warmer Action Shot

Here is an action shot of the University of Tennessee fullsize Scentsy warmer! A portion of the proceeds go back to the school, making this candle warmer a must-have for all UT Vols fans! To order the TN Vols Scentsy warmer now, visit my Ind. Scentsy Consultant website!

University of Tennessee TN UT Vols Scentsy Warmer

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zingana Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

The Zingana Scentsy warmer is a fullsize warmer and can be purchased at This warmer is great for anyone with a safari or any sort of exotic theme in their home. It reminds me of tiger stripes! The official description of this warmer is "Sleek and exotic, Zingana’s jagged lines of black streak a background of glowing ember." 

Zingana Scentsy Warmer

How to Join Scentsy in Ireland?

It is so easy to become an Independent Scentsy Consultant in Ireland! All you need to do is go to, and select your country/language at the top right (see pic). Select the JOIN tab and enter in all the information the system prompts you to! Once you successfully sign up, email me  (GetSafeScents at gmail dot com) so I can send you some information to get you started while your kit is on its way to you and give you the link to a private Facebook group.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scentsy Mid-size Cupcake Warmer Action Shot

The mid-size Cupcake warmer was Scentsy's first 3 piece mid-size warmer! You can use the warmer with or without the top making it very versatile.

To order your very own Cupcake warmer, visit!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Does Soy Wax Compare to Scentsy Wax?

I purchased a soy wax bar from to see how it would compare to Scentsy wax. Let's just say, I was less than pleased.

I'll admit, I was excited to get the bar because it was in the Coconut Lime Verbena scent which is my FAVE but unfortunately Scentsy does not make a bar in this particular scent.

This is what it looked like inside when I opened it up. The bar has only 6 cubes, similar to the old style Scentsy bars from several years ago.

A close up of what the wax looked like.

I took a smooth knife to slice a cube out, as I always do with my Scentsy bars, and it crumbled all over the place!

Here is the wax once melted. It took about 35 minutes to completely melt. 

After I turned my warmer off and let the wax cool & completely harden, I began to pop the solid wax out as I always do with my Scentsy wax. It was NOT coming out smoothly as I was used to.

It made a complete mess and had to practically be chiseled out of my warmer.

(And just to compare, this is what my Scentsy wax looks like when it is popped out-- no mess!)

And the ultimate test- when my husband came home from being gone all day....he couldn't smell anything even though the warmer was on!!

And THIS is why Scentsy wax rocks! 

To buy AUTHENTIC Scentsy products now, visit my personal Ind. Scentsy Consultant website

My Formspring- ask me Scentsy questions!

I created a formspring account so you can ask me ANYTHING you want about Scentsy (or anything really)! You can even do it anonymously or without signing up :D Feel free to follow me:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So who has seen all those story boards floating around on Facebook and Pinterest? A fellow Independent Scentsy Consultant created this one and I wanted to share!

click to enlarge

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Enhanced Scentsy Starter Kit- Feb 2012 Only!

During the month of February 2012, new consultants will be receiving an enhanced starter kit. Not only will they get the current full kit including the Fall/Winter catalogs and party testers, they will additionally get the Spring/Summer party testers and same cost as always! Click here to join now!

Don't forget- there is a 10% off sale on most items in the Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog so this is a great month to kick off a new business! For more information on Scentsy, visit my personal Independent Scentsy Consultant website:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scentsy Full-Size Leopard Cheetah Print Warmer

****UPDATE!!!!**** Scentsy brought back the Leopard and Giraffe full-size warmers!

Are you looking for Scentsy's full-size Leopard  or Cheetah Print warmer?

Unfortunately, this warmer (along with it's Giraffe print counterpart) was discontinued several catalogs ago. If you are a fan of animal print, I would suggest the Zebra print warmers that Scentsy offers. Scentsy offers both a Zebra full-size warmer AND a Zebra plug-in! You can even order both of these matching warmers in part of one of Scentsy's many combine & save discounted multipacks. To shop for any of these Scentsy products now, visit my Independent Scentsy Consultant personal website

***UPDATE*** Scentsy released the NEW Leopard Plug-In Scentsy warmer on 09/01/2012! Check it out:

Scentsy Leopard plug-in warmer

Scentsy's Chateau Mid-Size Warmer

The Chateau mid-size Scentsy warmer is a great choice for anything who enjoys French-inspired home decor. Featuring the traditional Fleur-de-Lis symbol, this warmer would also be a great choice for fans of the New Orleans Saints ;) To order this beautiful warmer now, visit my Independent Scentsy Consultant website

Scentsy Scents - Linger, January Scent of the Month 2012

Scentsy posted their new Scent of the Month video on their YouTube channel. The Scent of the Month for January 2012 is Linger, described as perfect moment has a way of leaving behind a lovely trace, a whisper of a memory. Pink grapefruit, sugared apple, lavish praline, and flirty marshmallow create a fragrance that says “stay." Linger is available at 10% off in January 2012 and is available in bars, bricks, room spray and scent circles. Shop now for these Scentsy products at my Ind. Scentsy Consultant website,

How Do You Join Scentsy?

Joining Scentsy is super easy! Just visit my Independent Scentsy Consultant personal website and click on the "JOIN" tab! From there, just read through the information provided and follow the prompts! It only costs $99 (USD) plus tax & shipping to start your own Scentsy business and you will get your HUGE kit very shortly via UPS. To see the contents of the current Scentsy Start Up Kit, click HERE. For more info, visit the FAQs. It will be my job to mentor you through your journey as an Independent Scentsy Consultant and answer any questions you may have.

Most items included the kit are a featured in this image (exact items may vary):

Thirifty Scentsy Tips

Hi everyone! I'm a thrifty gal at heart so I wanted to share some ways to enjoy Scentsy on a budget 

1) The Scent and the Warmer of the Month are always 10% off

2) Combine & Save discounted packages

3) The fantastic closeout section- including TONS of plugins 10% and 20% off!

4) Host an online party and get free and 1/2 priced items!

5) Become a consultant! Scentsy now has even easier requirements to continue to be a Scentsy consultant! Email me [GetSafeScents at gmail dot com]for more details 

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