Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scentsy Full-Size Leopard Cheetah Print Warmer

****UPDATE!!!!**** Scentsy brought back the Leopard and Giraffe full-size warmers!

Are you looking for Scentsy's full-size Leopard  or Cheetah Print warmer?

Unfortunately, this warmer (along with it's Giraffe print counterpart) was discontinued several catalogs ago. If you are a fan of animal print, I would suggest the Zebra print warmers that Scentsy offers. Scentsy offers both a Zebra full-size warmer AND a Zebra plug-in! You can even order both of these matching warmers in part of one of Scentsy's many combine & save discounted multipacks. To shop for any of these Scentsy products now, visit my Independent Scentsy Consultant personal website

***UPDATE*** Scentsy released the NEW Leopard Plug-In Scentsy warmer on 09/01/2012! Check it out:

Scentsy Leopard plug-in warmer

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