Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Does Soy Wax Compare to Scentsy Wax?

I purchased a soy wax bar from to see how it would compare to Scentsy wax. Let's just say, I was less than pleased.

I'll admit, I was excited to get the bar because it was in the Coconut Lime Verbena scent which is my FAVE but unfortunately Scentsy does not make a bar in this particular scent.

This is what it looked like inside when I opened it up. The bar has only 6 cubes, similar to the old style Scentsy bars from several years ago.

A close up of what the wax looked like.

I took a smooth knife to slice a cube out, as I always do with my Scentsy bars, and it crumbled all over the place!

Here is the wax once melted. It took about 35 minutes to completely melt. 

After I turned my warmer off and let the wax cool & completely harden, I began to pop the solid wax out as I always do with my Scentsy wax. It was NOT coming out smoothly as I was used to.

It made a complete mess and had to practically be chiseled out of my warmer.

(And just to compare, this is what my Scentsy wax looks like when it is popped out-- no mess!)

And the ultimate test- when my husband came home from being gone all day....he couldn't smell anything even though the warmer was on!!

And THIS is why Scentsy wax rocks! 

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