Scentsy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of wax is used in Scentsy Bars and Scentsy Bricks?
Scentsy wickless candle bars are made with a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend. It is designed for a specific scent load and low melt point.

What kind of fragrance is used in Scentsy products?
Scentsy products are manufactured with fragrance oils. Fragrance oils can be all-natural or laboratory-reproduced copies of natural aromatic chemicals, depending on cost-effectiveness. In some cases, Scentsy products also contain essential oils–natural oils derived from plants that can have therapeutic effects and are produced without regard to their cost-effectiveness. Scentsy products may contain essential oils but do not necessarily contain them, so we make no claims about essential oils in our marketing. Please beware of unscrupulous marketing campaigns. “Infused with essential oil” could mean nothing more than one drop of essential oil in a very large batch. “Inspired by essential oil” means nothing more than the product contains fragrance oil.

Do Scentsy products contain phthalates?
No. Scentsy products are made with fragrance oils that do not contain phthalates.

How long will a Scentsy Bar’s fragrance last?
That depends on a number of factors, including the size of the room, the humidity and temperature in the room, and how many sections of a Scentsy Bar are used at a time. Your biological makeup and unique reaction to smell will also influence how long a scent seems to last. In general, a Scentsy Bar lasts approximately 40 to 80 hours. This wide variation in time is due to the composition of different fragrances as well as the factors described above. A light fragrance such as mint will not last as long as a heavy bakery fragrance.

How are Scentsy Bars and Bricks measured?
Scentsy Bars and Scentsy Bricks are measured by weight, not volume. A Scentsy Bar weighs at least 2.4 oz; a Scentsy Brick weighs at least 16 oz. Individual Bars and Bricks may weigh a little more, depending on the fragrance, but they will never weigh less.

What wattage of light bulb do Scentsy Warmers use?
Our Full-Size Scentsy Warmers use a maximum 25-watt bulb. Scentsy Mid-Size Warmers use a maximum 20-watt bulb, and a Plug-In Scentsy Warmers take a maximum 15-watt bulb. Each warmer comes with a light bulb.

Are Scentsy Warmers UL listed?
Each electrical component used in the manufacture of a Deluxe Scentsy Warmer is UL listed: the housing the light bulb screws into, the cord, the plug and the switch. The UL number can be found right on each of the components except the switch (which is too small to include a UL number but does have the “UL” trademark on it).

How do I change the wax in a Scentsy Warmer?
For a Full- or Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer, turn the Warmer off first. Then, carefully pour liquid wax back into the original Clamshell if it is still fragrant and you’d like to reuse it, or into a disposable container if to throw it away. Wipe the dish out with a paper towel and you are ready to start with a new fragrance. For a Plug-In Scentsy Warmer, turn the unit off for 30-60 seconds and carefully use a paper towel to wipe the wax out of the warmer.

 source: http://www.scentsy.net/en-us/product-gallery/faq.aspx

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